Sorting Out A Mess!

It has been my honor to walk alongside leaders of churches and ministry organizations for over 30 years.

Sometime the places where these leaders are living is growing quickly and are full of messes like having your granddaughters come through your home like a storm.

Sometimes the place is struggling with plateau or decline and the messes are more like a neighbor’s dog who makes all of their potty dumps right where you walk.

I wanted to write a short book to assist leaders in gaining a clear perspective on how to approach and deal with the messes!


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Encouraging 21st Century Ministry Leaders

Here is the chapter I wrote for a book to honor Robertson McQuilkin, president emeritus of Columbia Intl University.  It is a letter to my son, Mark, to offer encouragement and reminders for leadersthip in the 21st century that aligns with God’s heart.

Roy King Chapter McQuilkin Fetschrift [1]

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book cover transformed glory to glory

No Excuses — Do not walk in FEAR. Step out in FAITH.

DrRoyKing_5How often do I say to myself that I trust God?  I echo it many times during the day that I know He is good.  I know He is with me and for me.  Yet, if you watch how I respond to what I encounter in my day you would often think that I was living in a world that was out of control, unpredictable and ready to crash.  I find myself moving into paralysis.  The other morning when I was feeling this way and was even praying out of that kind of fearful spirit God’s whisper to me was a kind rebuke, “Roy, No more excuses!  Do NOT walk in fear over this situation. Trust me  and step out in faith.”  It was so clear I stopped to write it in my journal.

Did I know what a courageous step of faith should be in this situation?  YES.  Did I want to take it?  No.  It would make a mess of my schedule, possibly costing me time and money.  It would sure cause discomfort to seek out, spend time with and ask some hard questions of another person.  Fear was being fed by my awareness of the sacrifice.

But sacrifice is the language of love.  And I am called to love God and others.  So — okay God — let’s go.  I am stepping out by faith that you will  be more than enough for what I am facing.

Do We Under Challenge People and End Up Violating God’s Design for People?

DrRoyKing_4Parents — Do you do anything for your child he/she can do?  Church Leaders — Do we assume we know what people need to mature in Christ and if they just listen and carry out our instructions they will grow?  Dallas Willard once said to me in a retreat class, “The kingdom of God runs on personal responsibility”.  When God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden he gave them work, accountability and tests — he created the world to run on personal responsibility.

Do the people we love and serve need assistance, encouragement, and compassionate care?  CERTAINLY!!! But never let these vital ministries short circuit their personal responsibility.

What Are Church Leaders Doing With People Gifts God Provides?

DrRoyKing_6My dear friend, Gerald Parker, recently sent me some photos to illustrate another example from our recent conversation.

Picture a person digging a hole –

God’s people are gifted to make kingdom impact through investing their gifts.  Yet often we can mistake filling a role in the church programs with all there is for them to be and do.  NO!  God’s people contain the resurrection power of the Spirit, live under the name above all names, Jesus, and have a kingdom mission from the Father.  The gifts God provides to the body are for so much more than church chores!