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Rich Resources — Two Teachers Who Shaped My Life in Large Ways

See the free library of written, audio and video resources by Robertson McQuilkin

and James “Buck” Hatch

Both men have crossed over into a new level of eternal life.  So much of their teaching is classic — it is not dated in the least.

Enjoy!  And leave comments below of resources you find helpful.

Class materials


CLICK HERE   View a 20 minute video of Roy King providing the overview of BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS OF LEADERSHIP usually taught twice a year at Columbia International University Seminary & School of Missions . Usually it is offered in a one week intensive format at either our Atlanta, GA or Columbia, SC locations.  It is also offered in a once a week format in the day or or evening during the Fall or Spring Semester.

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Today’s Leaders Must Be Explorers!

Leonard Sweet and others have the perspective that today’s leaders must approach their leadership as a journey without a map. Why is there no map? Because no one has been there yet. It is “new world exploration”. To be leaders who know how to use a compass of unchanging, reliable principles to navigate by instead of following a predefined path is a very different approach to making directional decisions.

Explorers have a unshakable commitment to completing the mission… Go for it or die!
Explorers have a vague sense of what the destination will be like... “Your kingdom come!”
Explorers know they must be willing to take risks and tap into all of the creative capacity that they or others on the team possess…”We may have to back up when we hit dead end canyon walls, but we will keep moving forward!”

One my courses in the seminary seeks to train pastors and missionaries to live as EXPLORERS. I often begin the day of the one week intensives with a devotion that frames our theme for the day.

You can download them as MP3 files or listen to them here:

Audio 1:

First Day of Class: An overview of some of the critical disciplines being an EXPLORER requires.

Listen to the audio here:
Become an Explorer

Audio 2:

In Romans 15 Paul gives us a glimpse of how he viewed his life — He was linked to the redemptive flow of God’s activity that started in Abraham and flowed through the Old Testament to the stream that was carrying him forward as a Christ follower. He also knew how to give gifts to God that he knew God would enjoy unwrapping.

Listen to the audio here:
Romans 15 – Paul’s Perspective and Gifts

Audio 3:

Explorers do not back down from sacrificial giving and they do not let even the ones with the least resources off the hook. There is no room on the trail for passive consumers. Hear the story of two widows

Listen to the audio here:
Two Widows and Giving

Audio 4:

Change produces conflict because it surfaces differences in beliefs, values and assumptions. Galatians addresses 3 groups in the church that face a choice. They must choose GRACE GOSPEL or ANOTHER GOSPEL. They must choose FREEDOM AS SONS or SLAVERY OF TRADITIONALISTS. They must choose investing their FREEDOM TO LOVE or the BONDAGE OF LICENSE. Churches processing changes will also face these teachable moments. Hear the full overview of Galatians applied to CHANGE PROCESSING.

Listen to the audio here:
Galatians Grid for Change