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Daily Challenges Leaders Face


Roy King, April 2022

What do leaders do when individuals, departments or teams under them are STUCK?  Every day organizational leaders face the challenge of investing their energy wisely to keep people engaged and accomplishing work vital to the mission.   Leaders must root out paralysis or people wasting their work on low priority busy work.

The first step is to surface 3 to 5 specific challenges limiting the effectiveness of the work.  Are these people problems?   Are they organizational problems?  Every challenge often has a single or combination of simple root problems which can be addressed once they are clearly identified. 

 Based on my experience the answers are found by considering these 4 root causes.  I have listed them according to the frequency of this being a root problem.  Leaders serve the people they lead by helping them diagnose and then addressing what is hindering them from being fruitful in their work. 

  1. Is this a relational breakdown?  People lack UNITY.
    1. Are they expected to compete or to collaborate?
    2. Are they a team with a history of working together or do they require assistance building trust and understanding each person’s strengths?
    3. Is there unresolved conflict, hurt and disappointment polluting the environment?
    4. Do they need understanding and models of relating with both grace and truth?
  2. Is there a lack of providing certain resources?  People lack EMPOWERMENT.  
    1. What decisions can they make to acquire resources without getting permission?
    2. How do they get permission for additional resources beyond their level of permission?
    3. Do they understand there is a shortage of additional resources and they will need to stir up a high level of creativity to meet the challenge with what is at hand?
  1. Is this a lack of effective communication?  People lack CLARITY
    1. They need to know WHY we are attempting this work.  They need a clear PURPOSE.
    2. They need to know WHAT we are seeking to accomplish.  They need clear GOALS.
    3. They need to know HOW we will approach the work.  They need the RATIONALE for the timeline and expectations.
  1. Is this a system or structural problem?  People are CONFUSED.   
    1. They  lack a clear circle of personal RESPONSIBILITY AND understand the interplay of others ROLES and contribution.
    2. How does their work IMPACT other departments or individuals?
    3. Are they being asked to consider VOLUNTEERING  to join the team or are they being ASSIGNED? 

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Biblical Retirement

A New Chapter



I have heard some say that “retirement” is not in the Bible.  I want to propose RETIREMENT may  be a helpful designation if it is in alignment with a biblical perspective.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • It is describing that all or some of my income is coming from funds set aside for support once we are no longer a full time wage earner.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • We are able to take on responsibility, serve and contribute without limiting it to payment for services.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • It frees me to embrace limits that include shorter working days and less stamina
  • It allows me to “prune” my engagements and accept responsibility aligning with my best contribution
  • One morning during my swimming therapy the Spirit whispered, “It is OK to slow your pace and increase your prayerfulness.”
  • My fruitful contribution to others depends on having margins for quality thinking time to advise, mentor and help solve challenges others are facing.  Some of my best brain work takes place with my journal on the back porch with a cup of herb tea enjoying the flowers, the breeze and the variety of bird songs.  I KNOW the quality of what I have to offer is much better than many of the meetings I sat in for years around a conference room table — rushed to get through an agenda.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • I can monitor my energy and get consistent rest including a nap
  • I can work to slow the aging decay of the body with a focus on exercises to maintain, or even improve,   (in alphabetical order) Balance, Cardio, Core Strength, and Flexibility

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • I can be  content even if I deplete in energy quicker, and should stay off of high ladders or the roof.
  • I can be satisfied with eating a nice meal — taking smaller portions and not eating large meals close to bedtime.
  • I can work at praying for many people in my network of relationships and the church around the world — and have the time to send several of them a note of encouragement via phone call, text or email.
  • I am fine with buying less stuff and accumulating less weight of possessions.
  • I am very alert that time is the greatest treasure God gives me.  I can only spend it once.
  • A nap after lunch with my young grandchild fills me with joy as we read a book and then snuggle up and “recharge our battery” joined in the bed with a stuffed animal or three and a car and fire truck.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • I strongly believe God wants me to be vibrant and effective for His glory until my last breath.

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I Am Weary with Christians Fighting Battles We Do Not Need to Engage

Here is a letter I sent to a close friend after our discussion during a break time at a conference.


Dear Jeff,

Thanks so much for listening to me share about our new assignment we have received from the Father.  (I had shared how Pandora and I are called to plant a network of “micro-churches” starting in Market Common at Myrtle Beach.  “Micro-churches” are churches of 12-20 people meeting in home, businesses and public places.  They gather periodically into one gathering for praise and celebration.  See a two page summary on the strategy by CLICKING HERE.)

As always your strength as a networker shone through and you began to look up some good contacts to share with me on your phone who you know would be keen on working and sharing with us.

I appreciated you also sharing how God was leading you to be part of leading a large church.  I celebrate with you in God’s assignment!   It is such a great gift of God’s grace and mercy to let us play a role in the great work he is doing.

Then you went on to describe being in a gathering of church leaders and how the missional community/house church guys were beating up on the large church leader in the room.  You mentioned how they used the “rabbit” and “elephant” illustration found in the missional community literature as a stick to beat up on the large church leader.  My heart joins you in grieving this needless fighting.

When will ministry leaders wake up and see that God’s Spirit is creative and loves to use many different ways to reach and make disciples of those far from God.  He uses large churches, micro-churches, churches led by men and churches led by women, churches with loud music and churches with very quiet music, churches that use one language and churches with many languages.  God loves those who remember the history of the church and those running into the future and  building bridges for where they see the culture going.

Jeff, I believe those who engage in defending their format of practicing church are often feeling defensive and threatened deep inside.  They lack a certainty they are simply servants carrying out the next assignment the Father has given them.  They tear down or devalue the works of  others in order to gain an assurance they are okay.

I want to cry out, “Look around — go visit the church in Egypt, Iran or China.  Visit the urban poor and the affluent new neighborhood.  Go to the islands and then go walk a mountain trail to an isolated village.  Visit a refugee camp where new people are arriving daily and families living there are living out a cultural family pattern of a new child every year.”  In this kind of world we should celebrate that God can organize disciples of Jesus to work like salt and light in any setting.

There are lost people who the Spirit will convict  and draw as they sit among thousands. There will be lost people who will need a friend who comes and eats in their home, respectfully absorbs their life story, and helps them connect God’s good news to the bad news going on in their life.

Comparing, competing or tearing down the work of another of Christ’s servants is not new.  See Paul’s attacks described in 2 Corinthians and Philippians to remember there is nothing new in Satan’s deceptive strategy of turning the church to devour one another.

Instead of using our energy and creativity to attack how someone else is doing church let us spend time in giving thanks for them and interceding for their fruitfulness.

Let us practice Roman 14 and 15.

“Who are you to judge the servant of another?  To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand. . . . Therefore, accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God.”

I look forward to taking a walk on the beach together and praying for one another!

A fellow servant, Roy

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The Power of a Good Coaching Question

DrRoyKing_6One of the ministries God has assigned to me for this chapter of my life is to coach congregational and non-profit ministry leaders.  After a recent appointment I was reflecting on what I had contributed.  I recalled what  the person had validated as being very helpful.  I wrote in my journal to remind me to work at getting better at offering effective coaching, “Be very careful to translate inspired intention into concrete action.”

It is so easy to get excited and  enjoying being flush with new thoughts and energy that only spin in one’s head or verbally spew out to those around us but fails to answer the questions, “So what are the next 2 to 3 steps that you need to take?”  and “When will you begin these actions?”

Change only occurs as we act on our intentions.  Faith in the power of God’s Spirit requires we risk; step out.

What has God made clear and stirred up desire to see occur?  What is you next action needed?  WHEN will you begin?

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What is the MOST important tool a Life Giving Leader will use?

Praying gives sense, brings wisdom, and broadens and strengthens the mind.  The prayer closet is a perfeDrRoyKing_6ct school teacher and schoolhouse for the preacher.  Thought is not only brightened and clarified in prayer, but thought is born in prayer.  E.M. Bounds

We are too busy to pray and so we are too busy to have power.  We have a great deal of activity, but we accomplish little; many services but few conversions; much machinery but few results.  R.A. Torrey

If you are asked, as an outside consultant, to examine any kingdom enterprise, you can determine the effectiveness by listening to how the leaders are praying.  Our prayers expose what we really believe and are a great predictor of where the time, money, and energy of the leadership is going.

What we pray about gets our attention!

What we pray about sets our priorities!

What we pray about is what we do!

A leader who wants a group to behave differently should begin with helping them pray differently.  Prayer is not all we do, but if we are not praying, all we do will make little difference.

Prayer is the most important tool God has provided to lead the leader and to influence the people.

From Chapter One (page 27) LIFE GIVING LEADERSHIP, 2016.


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How Did Jesus Define Leadership?


After reading every passage where Jesus speaks about leadership I crafted this definition to attempt to capture his heart.


Jesus would challenge us with  kingdom leadership being upside down from the world’s way of  defining leadership.

Start on page 15 in LIFE GIVING LEADERSHIP  and  read how each word in this definition challenges our cultural (inherited from the world) views of leadership.

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How do You Detect Good Theology?

Good theology will always be

REDEMPTIVE — Christ centered — filled with faith and hope; anchored in Christ’s atoning death, the certainty of His life giving resurrection and confidence in our coming King.


RELATIONAL–Love and Grace generously given just as we receive in abundance every moment of every day from Christ’s hand by His Spirit.

For More see: LIFE GIVING LEADERSHIP (purchase from Amazon in paperback or Kindle)

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What is THE goal of life?

The goal of life is to receive and give the LIFE that God offers in Christ….


I am declaring an END to 





Life-Wounding Leadership.

I am writing to share Good news.  God wants you to be receiving LIFE.

There is too much life taking leadership when God’s will is that leadership be life giving to the leader and followers.

From Preface of LIFE GIVING LEADERSHIP published 2016

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Sorting Out A Mess!

It has been my honor to walk alongside leaders of churches and ministry organizations for over 30 years.

Sometime the places where these leaders are living is growing quickly and are full of messes like having your granddaughters come through your home like a storm.

Sometimes the place is struggling with plateau or decline and the messes are more like a neighbor’s dog who makes all of their potty dumps right where you walk.

I wanted to write a short book to assist leaders in gaining a clear perspective on how to approach and deal with the messes!


Visit Amazon by Clicking Here for the paperback or e-book.