How To Respond to Problems In A Church – sermon by Roy King

DrRoyKing_6I am sure the churches you are part of never face conflicts, divisions, or confusion. Well, the ones I have been a part of sure have some of these challenges.

I believe Jesus is not surprised when the church he is building encounters and creates problems. I also believe the Spirit placed some hope for how to move through these problems.

Here is a sermon where I attempt to look at First Corinthians as a guide given by Paul, the church planter, to a church now four years old and struggling with painful divisions and struggles.

There is HOPE. But like going to a doctor when we are in pain the path of healing requires getting beyond the symptoms to the root cause and then addressing this source.



Habits of Healthy Heart – A New Lifestyle

This summer I started putting together messages to capture the lessons God has been teaching me over the past year. Click below to download a note taking outline for the three messages. The audio from the chapel talks at Columbia International University are also provided here. Please give me your feedback as I continue to refine and add other messages to this series.

Click Here for Note Taking Outline for the Three Messages

Message 1 – A lifestyle of Turning To

Message 2 – A lifestyle of Rejoicing & Thanking

Message 3 – A lifestyle of Honoring & Giving

Mary & Joseph Conversations with an Angel – Message Preparing for Christmas

Have you ever submitted your plan to God and then have him hand it back with red ink all over and a request to drop your plan and go with his?

Have you ever known something to be so true (2+2=4 kind of true) only to have God say, “Not this time! I am doing something that doesn’t add up?”

Let us see what we can learn about our expectations and our assumptions from the Christmas story in Luke 2.

Listen to the message

God’s Gifts To Help Us Grow!

RoyAllBlacksTShirtMay2010-e1282387057463God provides gifts that help us grow up in our Christian life. Below you will find a link to the audio of a message given at Raleigh Street Christian Centre in Cambridge, NZ.

This message overviews four gifts God has provided to clarify and then assist us in our spiritual journey. There is a handout that can be downloaded that provides a small group leader with questions to use for four lessons based on the message.

The Gifts Are:
1. The Gift of Questions
2. The Gift of Others to Make the Journey With Us
3. The Gift of Illuminating Truth in our Hearts
4. The Gift of Giving What He Has Given To Us

God’s Gifts for Growth – Sunday Sermon at Raleigh Street Christian Centre, Cambridge – New Zealand


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