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Free Consulting For Pastoral Search

Over the past several years I have received many requests for consulting when a church is going through a senior pastor transition. In this presentation I present a 4 stage journey —
Current Pastor LEAVING,
Church Grieving,
Church Searching,
Church Welcoming!

You can view the Powerpoint presentation and listen as I walk through the model giving a biblical and practical framework for this season of change. Listen to me present this to a search committee. This is 1 hour and 20 minutes of free consulting!
View by Clicking Here

You may also want to download your own copy of the Powerpoint and customize it for your search committee or leadership. I suggest your view or print note pages for my lecture notes.
Download the PowerPoint by Clicking Here

I would enjoy hearing your response to this material.

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Darkness, Depression & Grief – Workshop for Church

While visiting Raleigh Street Christian Centre in Cambridge, New Zealand I had the opportunity to provide leadership training on a Monday evening.

As I coach leaders I find many of them struggling to clarify, diagnose and respond to confusing emotions.
In this workshop we:
1. Begin with looking at how Jesus views people and wades into the struggle for their hearts. The goal of being emotionally healthy is not to just feel better it is to be in a good place for God to use us to touch others with his grace and truth.
2. Define a season that God often includes in our growth — The Dark Night of the Soul.
3. Look at three common types of depression – biological, stress induced and grieving.

You can download the Power Point by clicking here.

You can listen to the workshop by clicking here.

Here is a lesson that outlines the spiritual discipline of grieving. This is a handout used in my class at Columbia Intl University and in workshops with cross-cultural workers. Download here.

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How Does God Give Us Assignments? (Knowing God’s Will)

When I became a Christian in 1972, every Campus Crusade Conference featured talks on “knowing God’s will.” Now 35 years later I have opportunity to work alongside Lloyd Reeb of Halftime in holding workshops assisting those in a Halftime journey and training pastors and ministry leaders to assist those in the Halftime journey. The question of knowing God’s will still generates great interest.

Based on my view of life now I often counsel younger adults that the trajectory of their life will be determined to a large degree by what they say, “Yes” to. As one grows into mid-life and beyond the trajectory of our life either stays on course or gets off course by what we say, “NO” to.

Download the article – How God Gives Assignments!

Download the Powerpoint w/ notes in a pdf file

Download 13 Questions by Robertson McQuilkin on God’s Will in Questionable Matters

Listen to a sermon I gave on this subject:
download MP3

Let me know what you think.

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We All Move Through Life W/ 2 Suitcases: Family & Cultural Background

I had a great opportunity to spend several days at New Life Fellowship, a very healthy church in Queens, NY. The pastor of this multi-ethnic church, Pete Scazzero, often tells the church, “We all come into the church with two suitcases. One is our family background and the other is our cultural exposure. God wants to open our suitcases, expose what is not biblical, and reparent us into God’s family and his Kingdom culture. Out of that seed I have put together this message that defines God’s family and culture using the 26 “one another” commands in the NT and then describe how God grows these changes in his children.

This article describes how God uses Spiritual Disciplines, Reciprocal Commands and a culture of grace and truth to transform hearts.

The message is a chapel message that focuses on how God uses community to go through our suitcases and bring change.
Listen to the message


The Center of God’s Activity – Growing Faith, Hope & Love in Our Hearts!

What is spiritual transformation? How do we assess our maturity? How do we know if we are making progress? Over 35 times in the New Testament the same 3 fold work of God is used to challenge and focus Christ followers; Faith, Hope, and Love

Faith, Hope and Love is not just for a single heart it is also a critical part of a biblical vision of God’s activity in building His church. What kind of construction work is God doing every day among his people? When we encounter resistance, opposition, needs and painful interaction God is redeeming these circumstances and using them in our hearts.


I can assess my spiritual growth by monitoring the transformation of my heart with its fruit of faith, hope and love.

This Four Part Series focuses on the CORE work of God in the human heart. It is also foundational to our leadership. Once leaders tune in to God’s activity of growing faith, hope and love in the human heart there is alignment and increased impact. LEADERS HELP PEOPLE SEE AND EMBRACE THE WORK OF GOD.

This series was given at a Covenant Fellowship Church in Illinois but is also part of my course Biblical Foundations of Leadership taught at Columbia International University Seminary & School of Missions and East West Missionary Training College in New Zealand.

Click the links below to listen to the MP3 files of these messages:

Faith, Hope & Love — Overview of God’s Work in the Heart!
download MP3

God Growing Faith in our Hearts!
download MP3

God Growing Hope in our Hearts!
download MP3

God Growing Love in our Hearts!
download MP3

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1 Thessalonians 1: An EXAMPLE of a Healthy Church

(Click below to listen or download this MP3 message)

This message was given in July 2008 at Chapel Hill Church near Hamilton New Zealand. I highlight five ways Paul describes this church as an “example”. (1 Thessalonians 1 )

The first few seconds of the message were not recorded so it begins in the middle of a sentence… but I think you get the idea.

BIG IDEA OF THIS MESSAGE: A healthy church looks a lot like a healthy family!

1. 1 Thessalonians 1:4-5 — The Power of being born in a loving family
2. 1 Thessalonians 1:6 — Children take on the heart of the parents
3. 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10 — In a healthy family children take on responsibility
4. 1 Thessalonians 1:3 — Children have to own their faith for themselves
5. 1 Thessalonians 1:7 — Healthy families have a reason to exist that is larger than themselves

Listen or Download!