God’s Gift of Live Giving Leadership

God’s Perspective on Leadership – A collection of 16 articles by Roy King

I encourage and assist leaders to be vibrant and effective so they are fruitful over a lifetime of serving Christ

Effective means leaders are engaged in fruitful service in alignment with God’s major purpose of, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Download a Word Document of the article by clicking on the title.  Feel free to translate my articles into other languages for your use but please send me a copy and explain how it was used.  Send to rking@ciu.edu 

1. Foundational Principles and Self Assessment
2. Leaders Must Understand & Align With God’s Work in Our Hearts
3. HOW does God transform Christ Followers?
4. The Holy Spirit and The Leader’s Endurance
5. The Holy Spirit And The Leader’s Prayer Life
6. Effective Self Leadership That Increases Capacity
7. Good Questions Are Critical to Effective Leadership
8. Women Making Leadership Contribution
9. What is a Healthy Church?
10. The Holy Spirit – God’s Gracious Provider of Ministry Resources
11. To Love God = Being Wholehearted!
12. God’s Plan for the Church To Spread the Gospel
13. THE Requirement for Receiving God’s Grace and Truth: Humility
14. God’s Will for His People: Unity & Purity
15. God Gives Leaders Ways to Communicate Change
16. Healthy Leaders Grieve and Help Followers Mourn