God Provision for His People Through Leaders

Lesson 10 – A Life Style of Repentance
We reflect on Psalm 131; Luke 15 & 1 Peter 5:1-6 to discover how God uses confession and other actions of humility to so we can receive the new life God intends for us.

Download by clicking title:
Jesus in NOT my trophy wife (pdf)
Replacing Pride with Humility (pdf)
Yielding & Trusting: Steps to God’s Life (pdf)

Lesson 11 – Leaders Contribute: Direction, Development & Devotion
What is a healthy effective church? The 3 D’s are critical elements in missional effective communities.

Download by clicking title:
Leadership Contribution (ppt)
Which Church Do You Want to Lead? (pdf)

Lesson 12 – CULTURE Shapes HOW We Do Ministry
Examine how world view and generational distinctives shape effective ministry strategy.

Download by clicking title:
Generatonal Distinctives Samples (pdf)
HalfTime Overview by Lloyd Reeb (pdf)
Persoanl Witness Style Inventory (pdf)

Lesson 13 – Five Purposes of the Church
A biblical view of the church that is organic not mechanical, relational not professional, and built on training not trying.

Download by clicking on title:
What is a Healthy Church? (pdf)
What is a Healthy Church? (ppt)

Lesson 14 – God’s Perspective on Our Man-Made Structures
Does God ever intend for our organizations which contain the church to last forever? What is the life cycle of an organization? What is the leadership focus for each stage of life? What is the contribution of the parachurch organization?

Download by clicking title:
God’s View on Life Cycle (ppt)
Life Cycle Reflections for Leaders (pdf)

Lesson 15 – ASSESSMENT of the Congregation
Using Robertson McQuilkin’s Five Biblical Principles as a grid for evaluating HOW we do ministry.

Download by clicking title:
Five Stones Evaluation (pdf)

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