The Dangers & Essentials for Leaders

Lesson 24 – A Biblical Perspective on Power
What does the Bible teach about God’s personal communication with us (such as dreams and visions), Healing, Demonic, Curses & Blessings, and Prayer Authority. What are the practical realities of power: Calendar, Cash, and Communication?

To Download Click on Title:
Biblical Perspectives on Power (pdf)

Lesson 25 – God’s Perspective on Productive Effort
Much of the impact of leadership is a result of effective self-leadership. Self-leadership – focuses on Character, Maturity, & Vitality – through effective time management, Sabbath, disciplines, and humble interdependence.
How do leaders build and maintain effective teams? What principles help leaders develop new leadership?

To Download Click on Title:
What Is Productive Effort? (ppt)

Lesson 26 – God’s Perspective on REST!
What is the biblical teaching on Sabbath, Renewal and Depletion? How do leaders renew? What is personal renewing for you? What do you find very depleting?

To Download Click on Title:
Living In The Unhurried Place (pdf)
Rest: God’s View – Psalm 92(ppt)
Rest from God’s Perspective (pdf)

Lesson 27 – God’s View on Success and Significance
Holding our cultural definitions up to the light of Scripture, how would we measure life, ministry and daily activity? What is a biblical perspective on MOTIVES?

To Download Click on Title:
Halftime Overview with Biblical Questions (pdf)

Lesson 28 – How Does God See My Depression?
An overview on two major contributors to depression and practical guidelines for assisting depressed people

To Download Click on Title:
Understanding Depression (ppt)

Lesson 29 – Sexual Purity & Pollution: The Damage of a Sensual Heart
God has created us with capacities that are part of being “in his image”. How can we use these for our good and His glory?

To Download Click on Title:
Lessons From A Sensual Heart (pdf)

Lesson 30 – Grieving Losses
Losses go with being in leadership. If one understands how to grieve biblically we improve our health and can bring others to God’s grace found in our seasons of mourning.

To Download Click on Title:
A Grieving Heart in Ministry Losses (pdf)
Grieving Losses (ppt)
The Ministry of Mourning (pdf)

Lesson 31 – The Role of Women in Leadership
A guided discussion on the variety of views held by evangelicals on this issue and how to determine a position for your organization

To Download Click on Title:
Women In Leadership Passages & Views (pdf)

Lesson 32 – A Kingdom Perspective
Leaders have a global and eternal perspective on the activity of God. It allows them to learn from the past, lean into the future with faith and hope, and live in the present to love.

To Download Click on Title:
Kingdom Perspective (pdf)

Lesson 33 – The Current Status of World Evangelization
An overview of the opportunities and challenges facing today’s church.

To Download Click on Title:
Status of World Evang (ppt)
Where is Missions in the Bible (ppt)
Status of World Evang – Message Notes (pdf)

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