New Jobs for Roy & Pandora

Photo of Roy & Pandora

The Recent Past

I concluded 20 years of teaching at Columbia Intl University June 30,2016 and became Professor Emeritus.

Pandora retired in December 2016 after teaching in Special Education for over 35 years.


In January 2017 God provided us with a home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and helped us sell our home in Columbia.  It was painful to leave friends, family and be a 3 hour drive from our Grandchildren.  But often God calls us to let go to go forward.

In this journey God affirmed where we were to be (Market Common District of Myrtle Beach), but it has taken 4 months to clarify our role and contribution.  We can now see some of God’s  plan for how we can specifically be a part of his kingdom work.  He has been working for the past 12 months to deepen our commitment to walking by faith.  

This quote from Oswald Chambers captures it well.  

“Faith is not some weak and pitiful emotion, but is strong and vigorous confidence built on the fact that God is holy love.  And even though you cannot see Him right now and cannot understand what He is doing, you know Him. . . .Faith is the supreme effort of your life—throwing yourself with abandon and total confidence upon God.”

How Our Life Map Looks Now!

God has affirmed our strongest gifts and skills are in coaching and mentoring.  You will see that theme in all of the facets of our work.  Over the past year Pandora and I have used Acts 1:8 as a way to map and organize the assignment God is giving to us.  

Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Jerusalem = Our local area

We are actively pioneering a church start based in the Market Common District of Myrtle Beach.

The Grand Strand is the 2nd fastest growing MSA in the US.  37 people move to Horry County every day and over half of them move into Market Common.  People in transition are very open spiritually.

Prayer Items Locally –

  • To grow the intercessory prayer ministry in prayer gatherings and walks.
  • To discern the next steps in a partnership with the CMA (Christian & Missionary Alliance) and NCC (National Community Church).  We are asking them to help us find and support at least 2 couples, age 30 to 50, who will move to Market Common with passion and skills for evangelism and a church start.  Pandora and I will play a coach/mentor role with them.  Until they arrive we will lay a foundation and create infrastructure.

Judea and Samaria = Our nation

We are serving as Coaches with Five Capitals to coach Church Leaders with a passion for greater effectiveness and vitality.  (see

FIVE CAPITALS, is a global initiative working with business and church leaders in the areas of personal development, leadership skills and organizational growth. Pandora and I can join with them as coach/mentors.  We would serve those in non-profit, church and mission organizations. Some of our clients can pay for coaching services and others need subsidy to have access to this customized service.

Prayer Items Regionally

  • Pray Pandora and I can get to know the other Five Capital coaches around the country and receive referrals through their business leader coaching clients of church and ministry leaders who want to raise the quality of equipping and disciple making.
  • Work with Brandon, the Founder and CEO of Five Capitals, to produce online courses which provide a taste, intro and overview for new people and additional courses to assist those who are in coaching relationships.

The end of the earth = Outside USA

We are serving as Coaches throughout the Middle East and North Africa with a focus on leadership development of the next generation.

Prayer Items — to the ends of the earth!

  • Pray we can be effective when we are with our clients there and can continue to coach via video chat when we are in the USA.
  • That God would use to raise up prayer, financial and volunteer support for this vital work that is spreading streams of living water in the Arab world

Ways You Can Help Us

PRAY for us often!!!!  I will send out updates every few weeks to update the requests. If you like to receive this personal and specific information on our new ministry assignment we would welcome you to our team.


Send us an email 


God is….

Recently I have spent time with several caregivers.  My sister and my brother are providing great care to our parents and I have also spent time with some other spouses, and adult children in this serving role.

In many of these cases the caregivers are bound to the person for whom they care in a deep love commitment.  This makes it very challenging to set limits or margins in the relationship.

Caregivers are an excellent model of sacrificial servanthood.  My Dad has been the caregiver for my Mom over the past five years as she has descended into dementia and for the past 6 months he has spent every day in the nursing home required after her stroke.  He has poured out his life to care for her.  All of the phone calls revolve around Mom’s day — “Did she speak?”, “How much did she eat?”, “Did she respond to people coming by?”  My Dad’s life has been focused on her needs, her care, and providing any support that might help her improve.

God is my caregiver.  He never tires of being with me.  He hears my sighs of relief and he can tell not only my physical state but also my mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

God does not need respite.

God can stay up all night — night after night.

God is motivated from pure, unconditional love.

God is not embarrassed  or awkward as he serves me.

Thank you God…

Forgive my complaints, and please forgive my self-centered view of life that makes my needs and my pains the center of the universe much too often.

Taking the LONG VIEW

My wife, Pandora, will tell you I live my life by ticking off lists.  When I start a project I generate a list of next actions.  When I plan a week I generate a list of possible actions.  As I go through a day I check off completed actions and scan the list for the next action to engage.  This is not all bad but I am learning it is an incomplete picture of how we should live.

I am learning to take the LONG VIEW.  I do not mean thinking about what I want to accomplish or where I want to be in 20 years or some other number of years.  Being a time traveler into the future in my head may have a place in our reflection time that is a helpful to visit but it is not what I mean.

The LONG VIEW for me is to recognize that the life I really want to live has to be the fruit of a daily process that is part of my life over the long haul.  When I check items off my list they are deleted from my screen.  They are done, finished, and I can erase them to make room for the next actions.  But long view looks like choosing to walk each day holding hands with my best friend, Jesus.  The LONG VIEW is to see a listening, engaging, trusting, and loving interaction with Jesus  as the center of every day of my life and  I would not ever want to complete it or check it off.

When I take the long view on any loving relationship it changes.  Marriage, Parenting, Grand-parenting,  and Friendships are made vibrant by viewing what is done today to be in relationship as deepening the connection we will enjoy tomorrow and all tomorrows God gives us.  I do not want life to just be checking off my devotions or taking my wife out for dinner.  Life has a center, a solid stable place to live out our life by being connected to Jesus at its center and constant reality.

How do you live with the LONG VIEW?

The Ministry of “Scattering”

RoyGLRetrSep2010dJohn 16: 32 Behold, the hour is coming, indeed it has come, when you will be scattered, each to his own home, and will leave me alone. . .

Just below the surface of my life I can be wrestling with several agendas…
Follow Jesus and no turning back or falling away,

Live for a safe, comfortable life,

Avoid pain or rejection,

Preserve the current reality and refuse to go into the future. . .

these and many more conflicting life ambitions and motives simmer like pots on a stove competing for my attention.

Don’t be surprised that God will engineer circumstances to expose the confusion I am tolerating.  It requires faith, mixed with courage, and the strength of the Spirit to put a knife in the throat of any goal — save one — STAY WITH JESUS.

Oswald Chambers, MY UPMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST, April 4

“Their faith was real, but it was disordered and unfocused, and was not at work in the important realities of life. The disciples were scattered to their own concerns and they had interests apart from Jesus Christ. . . .

We will be scattered, not into service but into the emptiness of our lives where we will see ruin and barrenness, to know what internal death to God’s blessings means. Are we prepared for this? It is certainly not of our own choosing, but God engineers our circumstances to take us there. . . 

But once we get there, no matter where God may place us or what inner emptiness we experience, we can praise God that all is well. . . .

“. . . you . . . will leave Me alone.” Have we been scattered and have we left Jesus alone by not seeing His providential care for us? Do we not see God at work in our circumstances? Dark times are allowed and come to us through the sovereignty of God. Are we prepared to let God do what He wants with us?”

Making Myself Blind…Forfeiting God’s Peace

Luke 19: 41 And when he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it, 42 saying, “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes. 43 For the days will come upon you, when your enemies will set up a barricade around you and surround you and hem you in on every side 44 and tear you down to the ground, you and your children within you. And they will not leave one stone upon another in you, because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

Notice in verse 41 Jesus concern for they could have known that would given them peace and in verse 44 what they failed to know that forfeited their peace.

When I think I am walking with God I can be deceiving myself.  Like the people Jesus weeps over on what the church calls “Palm Sunday” we can totally miss what God is doing.  The King had come among them and they were too busy doing business and evaluating what was occurring by how it impacted their agenda.  Pride is a blindness that comes from lies I am believing.  Pride makes God weep because of what is missed, lost and ignored of God’s working around us.  Pride pulls patches over the eyes of our heart and makes us stumble right into the hands of our enemies.

What happens right after Jesus’ tears?  He upsets the polluting of the temple grounds and calls the people back to God’s mission.  How did the spiritual leaders respond to the confrontation and teaching?  They were plotting for how they could kill the God – Man King.

What is blinding me?

How is pride making me miss God’s work in my life?

Jesus weeps because the people were responsible for their choices and would harvest a terrible loss.

(Much thanks to Oswald Chambers MY UPMOST… April 3 reading)  Quotes from his reading that stirred my reflection —

What is it that blinds you to the peace of God “in this your day”?. . .Do you have a strange god—not a disgusting monster but perhaps an unholy nature that controls your life? . . . I am blind to the very things that make for my own peace. It is a shocking thing that we can be in the exact place where the Spirit of God should be having His completely unhindered way with us, and yet we only make matters worse, increasing our blame in God’s eyes. . . . These words imply responsibility for our own faults. God holds us accountable for what we refuse to see or are unable to see because of our sin. And “now they are hidden from your eyes” because you have never completely yielded your nature to Him. Oh, the deep, unending sadness for what might have been!. . . Never be afraid when God brings back your past. Let your memory have its way with you. It is a minister of God bringing its rebuke and sorrow to you. God will turn what might have been into a wonderful lesson of growth for the future.

Are We Losing the Life God Has For Us?

DSCN2276We moved to Myrtle Beach, SC in January.  When we were looking  we were surprised to see 8 TVs mounted on walls and sitting on stands all through the house.  Pandora and I laughed when we saw that even on the screened back porch with a view of the beautiful sky and trees there was a wall mounted TV.

Now the sellers took the TVs with them and we are back to a more limited presence of screens but actually, if you count our phones, tablets, computers and TV, we too can easily have a screen between us and God and others.

In a recent article by John Eldredge he wisely cautions on how soul care will always be counter cultural.

The ongoing deluge of intriguing facts and commentary, scandal and crisis, genuinely important guidance, combined with the latest insider news from across the globe, and our friends’ personal lives, gives the soul a medicated feeling of awareness, connection, and meaning. Really, it’s the new Tower of Babel—the immediate access to every form of “knowledge” and “groundbreaking” information right there on our phones, every waking moment. It confuses the soul into a state of artificial meaning and purpose, all the while preventing genuine soul care and life with God. Life with God…period. Who has time to read a book? Plant a garden?
Let me say it again, because it is so counter to the social air we breathe: What has become the normal daily consumption of input is numbing the soul with artificial meaning and purpose while in fact the soul grows thinner and thinner through neglect, forced by the very madness that passes for a progressive life.
Sincere followers of Jesus in every age have faced very difficult decisions—usually at that point of tension where their life with and for God ran them straight against the prevailing cultural ethos. The new Tower of Babel is ours. We have always been “strangers and aliens” in the world, insofar as our values seemed so strange and bizarre to those around us. We are now faced with a series of decisions that are going to make us look like freaks to the world. Choices like turning off Facebook every other day (or perhaps completely), never bringing our smart phones to any meal, conversation or Bible study, and cutting off our media intake so we can practice stillness every day.

If we offer anything of value to you here at Ransomed Heart, we offer care for the soul. And so for the sake of sanity and mercy I am going to ask a few questions…

What are you going to do this year to save your soul from the madness that passes as “normal life?”
How will you cultivate a life of beauty, goodness, and depth of soul?
How will you send your roots deep down into the soil of God?
One answer to John’s questions is to live the moments of each day FULLY PRESENT.
For the last few years I have made the first day lecture in all of my classes and workshop on the importance of being FULLY PRESENT.  Our God is fully present with us and to be in his image we will be fully present.  One can only love when you are fully present.
To be fully present is to see and listen — to absorb the moment God has placed us in.  To be fully present is to eat slowly and savor moments we have with others.  To be fully present is to enter into the other person’s life and empathize with them.  To be fully present we nourish our soul with silence, stillness and tune the eyes to see God’s handiwork and tune our ears to the whispers of God’s Spirit.
Fasting is an essential discipline to mix with simplicity and silence so we may position our heart to not be overwhelmed by the noise of this world.
What is God teaching you about nourishing life instead of being numbed to life?

How to Respond When Plans Evaporate!

Joseph had been unjustly imprisoned and he responded by seeing potential for a change and release.

“14 Only remember me, when it is well with you, and please do me the kindness to mention me to Pharaoh, and so get me out of this house. 15 For I was indeed stolen out of the land of the Hebrews, and here also I have done nothing that they should put me into the pit.”

But in verse 23 — the plan evaporated — the screen freezes… Joseph is left in the prison.  His friend he had helped forgot him.  No one came for Joseph.
Chapter 41:1 — Two years passed before he was remembered and released.
Can we trust in God’s timing.  Can we choose to not complain and to not hold on to  the pain of others letting us down?  Can we continue to hold God’s hand in trust he will accomplish his purposes for us in his time?
One of the most frequent occurrences God engineers into the lives of his people are the ministries of WAITING and the ministries of seeing our plans NOT come into being on our timeline.  The lessons of the waiting room can only be learned there.