Do We Under Challenge People and End Up Violating God’s Design for People?

DrRoyKing_4Parents — Do you do anything for your child he/she can do?  Church Leaders — Do we assume we know what people need to mature in Christ and if they just listen and carry out our instructions they will grow?  Dallas Willard once said to me in a retreat class, “The kingdom of God runs on personal responsibility”.  When God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden he gave them work, accountability and tests — he created the world to run on personal responsibility.

Do the people we love and serve need assistance, encouragement, and compassionate care?  CERTAINLY!!! But never let these vital ministries short circuit their personal responsibility.

Book Reviews

I Recommend THE LEADER’S PALETTE by Ralph Enlow

From my summer reading let me recommend a book by a long time friend Dr. Ralph Enlow.


Ralph makes the case that leaders can fail in being as effective as they could be because they leave out a critical “color” as they “paint” in their leadership journey.  He weaves biblical truth with current events and fascinating historical snapshots.  He also drops practical tips for any leader along the way including some excellent resources on relational health and the relationship between leading and learning.  You will take away several websites to visit that can add to your leadership toolbox.

A good resource for someone leading who wants to step back and look around for any blind spots.  It will help you clarify and focus on learning curves that will enhance your leadership.