What Are Church Leaders Doing With People Gifts God Provides?

DrRoyKing_6My dear friend, Gerald Parker, recently sent me some photos to illustrate another example from our recent conversation.

Picture a person digging a hole –

God’s people are gifted to make kingdom impact through investing their gifts.  Yet often we can mistake filling a role in the church programs with all there is for them to be and do.  NO!  God’s people contain the resurrection power of the Spirit, live under the name above all names, Jesus, and have a kingdom mission from the Father.  The gifts God provides to the body are for so much more than church chores!

Book Reviews

Highly Recommended Book — by Reggie McNeal KINGDOM COME: Why we Must Give Up our Obsession with Fixing the Church — and What We Should Do Instead

Reggie’s newest book is a practical theology on the Kingdom of God.  He clarifies the relationship between the kingdom and the church in the biblical drama of God’s redemption story.  In the second half he lays out examples and concrete strategy for the people of God (i.e., the church) to live for Kingdom values and influence that entices others to become Christ the King followers.

And Jesus taught us to pray….”your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth at it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

“Jesus wants us to pray for, deeply desire, and dedicate ourselves to seeing the Kingdom as it operates in heaven made visible  and active in our daily experience here on earth.” (pg. xiv)

“The purpose of the church is to further God’s kingdom.” (pg. xx)

“…the key to church renewal lies in anchoring the mission and purpose of the church in the biblical teaching of what it means to be the people of God.” (pg. 4)


Questions Coaches Hear

What are your opinions on mega churches?

What are your thoughts on churches with 10,000+ members in your personal experiences and connections, are these people being discipled?

These two questions were asked by students at Columbia international University.  www.ciu.edu

1) God must like congregations of all sizes since churches ranging from less than 10 to over 100,000 do exist.

2) All of the largest congregations in the world are outside the United States and yet most congregations around the world are quite small (less than 50).

3) I am not convinced that size is the critical factor in effectiveness of community or disciple making.  I have observed some very unhealthy small congregations and some very fruitful large congregations.  The focus of the leadership, the values guiding how the church invests its time, money and communication, the quality of the personal and group prayer life, the level of joy in the group life — and I am sure there are other elements — these have more to do with impact and community than the number of people.

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How Does God Encourage Younger Leaders?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy son just turned 28.  I learn more from Mark than anyone else in the circle of my life.  He is a young biblical leader with wisdom well beyond his years.  Recently I wrote him a letter as a gift of encouragement.  WHAT COULD I OFFER AS A BLESSING TO THE NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS IN THE CHURCH?

This chapter is to be part of a book  to honor Robertson McQuilkin; a friend and mentor.

Are you a leader under 30?  Please let me know what you think?

Do you know a young leader?  Share this article with them and let me know what it stirs up in your conversation.

God is a life giving leader.  I want to invest the rest of my life in the next generation of leaders —- seeing them receiving and giving the life of Christ.