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Hebrews – Exhorting Us To Finish Well!


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A year ago I was in Egypt working with several Christian leaders who are making an impact for the Kingdom all over the Middle East and North Africa. During that time, and after returning to the States, God seemed to keep me in the book of Hebrews as a way to continue to work in my heart what he had started as I prayed and heard the stories of my Egyptian Christian friends. In the fall I was asked to lead the seminary students in a spiritual life retreat. God again directed me to Hebrews. The school asked me to shoot video of the Hebrews 1- 6 study so they could share it with other students who study from a distance through our online programs. Find out more at .


Here is a guide for a small group study on Hebrews 1-6 and below are the links to the videos.

Hebrews 1-6 Introduction (5 minutes)

Hebrews 1-6 Session 1 – Our Hearts in Danger (13 minutes)

Hebrews 1-6 Session 2 – Consider Jesus (20 minutes)

Hebrews 1-6 Session 3 – Our Hope (20 minutes)

Hebrews 1-6 Conclusion (7 minutes)