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Keep Revisiting What is Most Important to God In Your Leadership

As you read the Bible keep asking, “What is important to God?”  What is HE doing?  How is HE doing it?  What keeps coming up over and over as people make their journey through life with God?

*** Here is what is on my list

1.  Invest in people — God loves them. Christ died for them.  The Holy Spirit resides in every Christ follower.  Let a lot of other stuff go and focus on people.

2.  Pray.  Pray about everything.  Pray all the time.  Pray with thanksgiving.  God works in and around praying people.  The primary way to build ownership by people is by praying with them.  What we pray about moves to the top of our planning, spending and obeying.  Prayer drills into the heart.  Prayer takes me into a throne room partnership with the triune God.

3.  Measure my life by — making Christ followers who make other Christ followers.

4.  Settle for nothing else than the church in loving unity and celebrating diversity.  Tear down any walls and build bridges across racial and ethical divides of a sinful and broken world.  The Gospel is powerful enough to take enemies and bring them into one family… live that out!

RoyAllBlacksTMay2010-e1295093522512What is on your list?