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We All Move Through Life W/ 2 Suitcases: Family & Cultural Background

I had a great opportunity to spend several days at New Life Fellowship, a very healthy church in Queens, NY. The pastor of this multi-ethnic church, Pete Scazzero, often tells the church, “We all come into the church with two suitcases. One is our family background and the other is our cultural exposure. God wants to open our suitcases, expose what is not biblical, and reparent us into God’s family and his Kingdom culture. Out of that seed I have put together this message that defines God’s family and culture using the 26 “one another” commands in the NT and then describe how God grows these changes in his children.

This article describes how God uses Spiritual Disciplines, Reciprocal Commands and a culture of grace and truth to transform hearts.

The message is a chapel message that focuses on how God uses community to go through our suitcases and bring change.
Listen to the message


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