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God’s Gifts To Help Us Grow!

RoyAllBlacksTShirtMay2010-e1282387057463God provides gifts that help us grow up in our Christian life. Below you will find a link to the audio of a message given at Raleigh Street Christian Centre in Cambridge, NZ.

This message overviews four gifts God has provided to clarify and then assist us in our spiritual journey. There is a handout that can be downloaded that provides a small group leader with questions to use for four lessons based on the message.

The Gifts Are:
1. The Gift of Questions
2. The Gift of Others to Make the Journey With Us
3. The Gift of Illuminating Truth in our Hearts
4. The Gift of Giving What He Has Given To Us

God’s Gifts for Growth – Sunday Sermon at Raleigh Street Christian Centre, Cambridge – New Zealand


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