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Church & Parachurch Partnership – An Exciting Time to be Alive!

Have you ever observed a pastor complaining about parachurch staff members being leeches who drain finances and leadership from the congregation?

Have you ever heard a discouraged parachurch staff members share of how tired they are of being viewed as the “competition” by church leaders?

As a leadership coach I hear these and similar concerns from both groups.

Here is a short article written as an open letter — in the style of the New Testament Epistles. May it prompt dialog, prayer and teamwork between those serving in both types of organizations.

Download the article for free by clicking here!


2 thoughts on “Church & Parachurch Partnership – An Exciting Time to be Alive!

  1. Thank you for your article, I truly enjoyed your open hearted presentation of a a much needed view of the church-parachurch ministry.

    The greek “para-” or english “along side or beside” should be the heart of all who love our Lord, regardless of where we serve.

    As a perachurh minister, I attend and support (tithes and giving) a local evangelical congragation, with my family rooted and grounded in a solid local church I am both equiped and refreshed as I minister in a parachurch ministry.

    In Him,

    David Just


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