What is Leadership?

There almost as many definitions as there are leaders to define their contribution. But most agree that leadership involves the capacity to influence others.

Influence in what way or toward what end? For Christ followers leadership is to inspire and invite others into greater alignment with God's purposes and priorities.

Influence who? That can range from one's family to thousands.

Influence how? Christ is our model. He gained access to another person's values, beliefs and commitments by serving them in joyful, sacrificial love.

That is why I am asking my students in Biblical Foundations of Leadership at the seminary of Columbia International University ( to create a blog and begin to use it as one tool for expressing their God given responsibility for leadership.
See more of my resources for leaders at (If you are not using it set up Google Reader and add my site. Begin to add other related blogs and sites on leadership to your Reader.) Leaders read. Leaders grow. OR they will squander their leadership stewardship.


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