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Am I Listening For God To Speak And Expecting Him To Show Up?

I became a Christian at Explo 72 in June of 1972. I won’t tell the whole story here but the big idea was that Jesus made the reality of his presence, love and forgiveness very real and personal to me as I knelt beside a bed for several hours with a friend as we prayed out loud together. That will soon be 39 years and I am just as convinced today that He is the living God and his Spirit is known as Christ in me. Bill Hybels book WHISPERS helped give some words to how I have walked with Christ. He also encouraged me to listen more closely on a daily basis and, by faith, expect Christ to be present.

Just recently I was reading Matthew 28 again and was struck in a fresh way by how Jesus sandwiches my life mission (making disciples among all peoples who obey Him) between an assurance of His power and His presence. Apart from Him having all authority over all I could encounter and being very present with me to the end — the mission would be hopeless. And just as He repeated over and over in John 13-17 that His followers are tied to His authority because He has given the right to use His name the New Testament is a record of people who knew Jesus was WITH them by His Spirit and would return to them physically.

Enjoy this video with Bill as he answers questions about the whispers of the Spirit. Hearing And Responding To God's Whispers In Your Daily Life
What is your story?


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