Every Leader Needs A Prayer Support Network. But HOW do you create one?

PrayerPartnershipsForLeaders.pdf Download this file

This tool can be adapted to almost any leadership role in any ministry context

It gives you a practical approach to creating a committed prayer network

Capture teachable moments with those in your network to refresh, expand and deepen their prayer life!

I welcome your comments.

2 thoughts on “Every Leader Needs A Prayer Support Network. But HOW do you create one?

  1. fran michaud says:

    Thank you for this download it is an encouragement to commit to have people sign up for prayer Looking forward to you coming June 5th to Exeter Chapel Fran Michaud


  2. Wes Parker says:

    Please please pray/fast for revival in Flower Mound Community Church!

    Specific Request
    Please pray/fast that:
    The Lord will enable us to and we will do our part to humble ourselves, pray, and turn from unGodly ways.
    That the small group will have the leaders, members, meeting time, and agenda that He desires.
    That the small group will be successful in moving us closer to Him and reaching out to others.
    That every Satanic effort will be bound and God’s blessings flow abundantly.
    Protection and blessings for the Leaders, their marriages, families, and ministries.

    We have a small church of about 40-50 folks. The Lord has led the pastor and church through seasons of transforming from what was essentially a secular organization into a Christian church, patiently weathering horrible attacks, and then seeing God work in miraculous ways. We are discerning that the Lord is allowing a new season to come—with the potential for further spiritual growth and resulting num erical growth. The Lord has enabled us to begin a new time of united prayer and fast. We have also felt led to ask for the prayers/fast of others such as yourselves. We love the Lord and what is important to the Lord has become important to us—and people are important to the Lord. The Lord has allowed us to learn about His priniciples for spiritual and numerical growth from the cell church movement and Natural Church Development. In this new year, we plan to start our first small group. The purpose of which is to grow in our relationship with Him resulting in our reaching out to others. Like all cities across the state and country, our people need the salvation and help of the Lord. The Lord has put in us a desire to see personal and corporate revival—one result being to initially lead others to Christ and then a deeper walk in Christ. The Lord has planted in us the desire to want to see a revival sweep our city, our state, our country, and our world. May revival happen for the glory of the Lord!


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