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How I Serve Christ by Serving Leaders – Is there a way I can serve you?

RoyGLRetrSep2010dMaybe it is part mid-life crisis and part empty nest but I have been under a sense of deep conviction in recent weeks. The only way I know to say it is, ” I am aware that I will answer to God for what he has given me.

Am I being a faithful steward?

Where is the balance between ego driven marketing of one’s “products & services” and humbly letting people know of the assignment I sense God has given to me?

I am not sure I manage this tension well.  But I have been spending time with God seeking to get my motives right and to hear in a fresh way His assignment for me.  HERE IS MY LATEST VERSION OF MY CALLING STATEMENT

My contribution:
I assist and encourage Christ followers, and especially ministry leaders, to live vibrantly and effectively for the long haul.

HOW do I invest in this contribution: 3 PRIMARY WAYS – 

  • TEACHING is a grace gift entrusted by Jesus Spirit to me so I may contribute to Christ followers being transformed by his grace and truth.
  • COACHING is a set of skills I employ to help people get clarity and make progress in facilitating change.
  • WRITING is a discipline to grow me as a communicator and a means for sowing in other hearts what God has made alive and fruitful in me.


  • TURNING to God in faith
  • REJOICING  in my Lord in hope
  • and loving God and others through HONORING and GIVING

One of the places I come alive is when I am sitting with leaders over coffee or tea!

This document overviews my ministry and should answer most questions a leader or group might have if they are seeing how I might contribute
(Click to Download)


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