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How Are You Decorating Your Heart?

You learn so much about someone when you visit in their home and walk around looking at photos on the wall, decorative items brought from their travels, and the color scheme they use to leave their print on the dwelling.  NOW think of your heart as the dwelling of the Spirit.  And we hear his knocking and open the door he comes in to fellowship with us. (see Rev. 3:20)
God has give me some responsibility in furnishing and decorating the heart.  Are there any posters I would take down if Jesus lived in me?  Is there an inner complaining and judging that pulls the shades on the sunshine of his grace and mercy?  Maybe this quote by A.W. Tozer will help us realize that the spiritual disciplines are not just for me — they are for my “roommate” as well.
 Make your thoughts a clean sanctuary. To God our thoughts are things.  Our thoughts are the decorations inside the sanctuary  where we live.  If our thoughts are purified by the blood of Christ, we are living in a clean  room no matter if we are wearing overalls covered with grease.
Your thoughts pretty much decide the mood and weather and climate inside your heart, and God considers your thoughts as part of you. . . . Therefore, if you would cultivate the Spirit’s acquaintance, you must get hold of your thoughts and not allow your mind to be a wilderness in which every kind of unclean beast rooms and bird flies.  You must have clean heart.
Found in A W Tozer ON THE HOLY SPIRIT  (365 devotions selected from his writings)  (Click Here to Purchase from Amazon)

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