Questions Coaches Hear

My church is dying and the pastor is just not very good. What should I do?

What is dying?

The man-made structures we wrap around Christians follow a life cycle similar to our biological cycle from birth to death.  The Bible does not support the idea of any man-made organization living forever.  Only people have eternal spirits.

What is YOUR responsibility?

As long as you a member of this community, pray, give, and sow seeds that contribute to life and growth.  Do not excuse gossip or create disunity because of your perspective on the decline.

You may also be used to help care for some senior members or assist people in transferring to more vital congregations.

You may also be given an assignment to leave peacefully and in tears to be a part of or give birth to a new community of Christ followers.

The guiding rule for ministry is — invest in people, Christ died for people.  That includes the pastor .  How can you encourage and build him up?

What thoughts do you have on this question?


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