A Morning Prayer

Join me in a prayer to launch each day with anticipation and trust in the ever present God.

Good Morning God.

Thank you Spirit of God for being in me and for working all through the night.

Forgive me for all of my sins through Jesus so I can start fresh & clean this day.

From long ago, my table & cup was set perfectly for today.  You carefully allowed all my interruptions, events, delays and health for today.  Help me to receive it with joy.  I know it’s for your greater good and for my sanctification.

I recognize this day that my body is a Temple of your Spirit.  Welcome.

I engage the Spirit of God’s thoughts, love, presence & power into all of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, persons and situations so I can be obedient to you in them.  As a result, I expect to outflow God’s supernatural actions in all the little & big things of this day.

As you powerfully work through my life, help me to take credit like that of a mailman for the delivery of your many ‘wins & trophies’ that unfold today.  Help me properly reflect the source of the ‘gifts’ which is you as I deliver them.  Please help me to do this well.

In Jesus’ name I can pray boldly to my heavenly Father, even when I feel unworthy or physically don’t feel like it.    Amen.


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