Step One:  Let’s talk and see what you need to move forward and if I can encourage and assist you.  

E-mail is the best way to connect to schedule a face to face, phone or video chat visit.  Contact me at .

Step Two: If we agree to make a plan for me or Pandora to serve you through coaching we will send you a “COACHING WELCOME PACKET”.  

You will complete it and return it via email and we will set a visit to process it and agree on a covenant that will define our times together.

Cost & Time – We customize our service.  Our standard rate is $150 per session but we never want to turn anyone away.  We have a prayer and financial support team who assist in providing us with scholarship funds. We see to give as God has given to us so please feel free to let us serve you if we can help.

Step Three: Before each Coaching Visit (face to face, phone, or video chat (normally 45 to 60 min each) you will submit a email plan for the coaching time.  

I will give you a blank Coaching Prep Form that you email to me at least 24 hours before each visit.

After each visit I will send you a summary of what we discussed and highlight the next actions you agreed to pursue.

Step Four: At the conclusion of our planned visits we will evaluate the progress and determine if additional coaching visits are needed.

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