New Resource! Over 30 Training Lessons for Leadership Coaching & Development

I have used some of the holiday time of being off of the road to go back through many handouts, short articles, and Power Point sessions that I use in my seminary courses, consulting, preaching and leadership coaching events. I have organized them into over 30 different lessons.

Select “Resources” at the top of the home page to see an overview.

OR scroll through the Four Units by going to these links:

1. Understanding how God works in the individual heart – God’s focus is on people. For leaders to be effective they must tune in and focus on God’s activity. Leadership should be a response to what God is initiating.
2. Understanding what God provides through leaders – Leaders create an environment where God’s vision, values, and activity are at the core of the life of a community of disciples.
3. Understanding God’s work IN and THROUGH the church – There are practical and simple, (notice I did not say “easy”) ways to be a healthy effective church.
4. The Dangers and Essentials Facing Leaders – There are “land mines” that need to be exposed and handled with great sensitivity to avoid “blowing up” a ministry.


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