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How Does God Give Us Assignments? (Knowing God’s Will)

When I became a Christian in 1972, every Campus Crusade Conference featured talks on “knowing God’s will.” Now 35 years later I have opportunity to work alongside Lloyd Reeb of Halftime in holding workshops assisting those in a Halftime journey and training pastors and ministry leaders to assist those in the Halftime journey. The question of knowing God’s will still generates great interest.

Based on my view of life now I often counsel younger adults that the trajectory of their life will be determined to a large degree by what they say, “Yes” to. As one grows into mid-life and beyond the trajectory of our life either stays on course or gets off course by what we say, “NO” to.

Download the article – How God Gives Assignments!

Download the Powerpoint w/ notes in a pdf file

Download 13 Questions by Robertson McQuilkin on God’s Will in Questionable Matters

Listen to a sermon I gave on this subject:
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3 thoughts on “How Does God Give Us Assignments? (Knowing God’s Will)

  1. Jordan Duke says:

    hey its me again, i dont have any bad news for you, sorry about that i just didnt know what to do. After hearing this sermon i kind of laughed. i had been praying about this for the last week. what do you want me to do? am i doing everything i can? then i listen to this your sermon and you tell me all the answers to all the questions i was going crazy over. Its just funny to see how God answers my prayers through others when they are doing the assignments God gave them. it seems like a very large system of faith questions and faith assignments that are all intertwined. And the amazing thing is that he does this effortlessly, everyday, I just cant comprehend that. this sermon helped me a lot.


  2. Jordan, Glad this helped. This morning in the church here in Columbia God used communion to remind me again that he is the truly present, continually present, and present to love me and “for me”. I need to more aware of His presence in the hundreds of choices and opportunities that come every day.


  3. Clay Weeks says:


    Hope you’re well and enjoying the Life. We’re are settling into our role as member care providers. It’s challenging for me for lots of reasons. It’s like being a hit and run pastor. We have so many people we’re responsible for…we meet them and touch on their lives for a moment and then we don’t see them again for however long. The other thing is we’re really trying to impress on people the core value of team being the first place for MC, which in some way works us out of a job.

    We are meeting lots of people who have served for 8-10 years and are struggling for various reasons. They’re are asking questions about decisions they are wrestling with that ultimately only they can answer. This article was timely for me as I help them to ask those questions to themselves before the Lord. Thanks!


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