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Darkness, Depression & Grief – Workshop for Church

While visiting Raleigh Street Christian Centre in Cambridge, New Zealand I had the opportunity to provide leadership training on a Monday evening.

As I coach leaders I find many of them struggling to clarify, diagnose and respond to confusing emotions.
In this workshop we:
1. Begin with looking at how Jesus views people and wades into the struggle for their hearts. The goal of being emotionally healthy is not to just feel better it is to be in a good place for God to use us to touch others with his grace and truth.
2. Define a season that God often includes in our growth — The Dark Night of the Soul.
3. Look at three common types of depression – biological, stress induced and grieving.

You can download the Power Point by clicking here.

You can listen to the workshop by clicking here.

Here is a lesson that outlines the spiritual discipline of grieving. This is a handout used in my class at Columbia Intl University and in workshops with cross-cultural workers. Download here.


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