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Hiring or Being Hired — Here are some good questions to help you prepare

Let these questions prime your own creativity as you prepare for employment interviews? Are you the one being interviewed? These questions may help you prepare.
1) Tell me about yourself?
2) Are you an organized person?
3) How do you respond to pressure and deadlines?
4) How to you handle frequent interruptions?
5) How do you balance accomplishing tasks and investing in relationships?
6) How do you determine priorities?
7) What rapidly depletes you?
8) What restores and refreshes you?
9) How do you learn new technology?
10) How do you define a good day?
11) What is God teaching you right now? Where is He working in you? What is your growing edge?
12) How would you describe good supervision for you?
13) Describe an experience of bad supervision you had to endure? How did you respond?
14) Describe a time when you participated in a team and what was your role?
15) What would make your work situation difficult?
16) Where do you see yourself in three years?
17) What is a favorite book, movie, music?
18) Who was your best boss and your worst boss and why?
19) Describe your experience in working with people of different ages.
20) What are your three greatest strengths you contribute?
21) What are your three greatest weaknesses and how do you manage them?


One thought on “Hiring or Being Hired — Here are some good questions to help you prepare

  1. Grace says:

    Very helpful, thanks! I am always surprised by the questions I am asked at interviews, and it takes me a while to think of intelligent answers. It definitely helps to reflect on answers beforehand!


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