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Leaders Must Develop A Theology of “Waiting”. What is yours?

Reading through the Bible over a year’s time and an article by Henri Nouwen along with God placing my leadership goals in the “waiting room” were the three elements in a ‘perfect storm’ to begin to ask God for his perspective on waiting for leaders. Leaders are wired on ‘go’ and ‘finish’. Most leaders I know have difficulty embracing waiting. Many times in my leadership I have seen waiting as ‘spiritual warfare’ or at least ‘sinful resistance’ either one to be prayed out of the way so progress continues.

Yet in reality most of my life is in the gaps between God’s promise and the answer. Much of my leadership has been seeking clarity on what to do while we are waiting on something else — that God seems to be delaying.

Here are three short articles written during the winter months (the waiting season). May they help you as you forge a theology of waiting for leaders. I welcome your comments.

In Part One I presented the idea that a great deal of the Christian’s life is invested in waiting. Waiting well is looking in faith at God’s promises. DOWNLOAD PART ONE

In Part Two I described waiting as a revisiting of the past by remembering what God has done and a longing look at the future as we anticipate what God will do. When God “engineers” a waiting gap for us he is calling us to exercise our faith and hope ‘muscles’ to strongly hold on to him. DOWNLOAD PART TWO

In Part Three I reflect on being in God’s waiting room and how it become a place to love. DOWNLOAD PART THREE


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