What is Your Perspective on An Awesome Life?

Neil Pasricha's book has been #1 for weeks and his blog won blog of the year. I kept wanting to add some biblical truth to fill in some of his ideas but was also convicted that I, a Christian, can lose focus on the beauty of God and his work around us. Enjoying the snow here in Columbia, SC.

2 thoughts on “What is Your Perspective on An Awesome Life?

  1. David Mannon says:

    Awesome life? Much of what Neil has to say appeals to me on a human level. We’ve all experienced the green lights, the bakery smells and the perfect beach days of life. But he has no eternal perspective. God has beauty and depth of relationships in eternity for those who have faith in Christ that will blow everything in this life into tiny little faded bits. Have we become so enamored by what this life has to offer that we forget the Creator who put it all here to begin with? In my own heart, I need to explore the awesomeness of God. The God of infinite mercy. The God of unfailing love. The God of limitless creativity. I need to seek this God with my whole heart because He is greater than the smell of rain on the sidewalk.


  2. David, I agree with your beautiful summary on what is missing from Neil’s talk. But I would just say — is it EITHER/OR or BOTH/AND? I think there are many places in the Bible where we are called to both how we see the earthtly reality and the eternal reality.
    I would say, with Psalm 2, that the eternal is to define and shape my earthly perspective but both have value. How I live in this earthly reality can be an apologetic for what I see by faith of the eternal reality. RK


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