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Are You Stuck?

Lilla Grace Rumsey & Granddad

Are You Having Trouble Identifying What Is Blocking Your Progress?
These 4 ways of examining the problem can help.

One of my favorite blog authors is Seth Godin. Click Here to find out about him!

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Which of the four are getting in the way?
Seth Godin Blog Jun 9, 2011
Here is what he posted:

1. You don’t know what to do
2. You don’t know how to do it
3. You don’t have the authority or the resources to do it
4. You’re afraid
Once you figure out what’s getting in the way, it’s far easier to find the answer (or decide to work on a different problem). Stuck is a state of mind, and it’s curable.

This past week I was again dealing with a long standing problem. It just won’t move, get fixed or get out of the way no matter how many times and with how much force I hit it. It is very frustrating because I feel it is an important foundation stone in the infrastructure of the organization where I serve.

It is not a people problem – I am blessed to work with people who care and work hard.

It is not a resource problem – We don’t have unlimited resources but from what I can see we have the right “hardware” to address the situation.

I think we know what to do – We have had many meetings and had many people at the table.

I think the drain clogs are:
1. It is unclear who has the authority to really fix it.
2. We do not know HOW to do apply the fix.

These two leadership problems are amplified because the solution will involve several departments and there is not agreement on the strategic priority of fixing the problem.

Every department director wants, on some level, to see it fixed but no one seems to have authority to get everyone to invest in a solution.

So is there a slow down or a paralyzing traffic jam in your church or ministry?
Does reflecting on these four descriptors help you unravel the obstacle?

My next actions involve describing a solution by building a model other departments can see and asking for our leadership to clarify who has the authority to fix it!

What thought does this stir up in you? Feel free to post your comments.


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