It Is A Joy to Catch A Glimpse of What God Is Doing!

God is on the move!


And he let me see and be a part of what he is doing at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at Barefoot Church.  You can go to to find out more.  Every weekend they live stream services and you can also view or download messages by our graduate, Clay Nesmith.  A church that is only six years old but averaging over 2,000 people a week being connected and touched with God’s grace and truth.  They have baptized over 300 new believers a year for the past few years!

In June I preached at the four weekend services. I preached on what is essential to finish well from Hebrews 3:12-13.   It is essential for a Christ follower to have COURAGE; to give and receive encouragement frequently; he says, “daily”.  Do you have two people you could call at 3:00 AM with any need and know they would do their best to be there for you?  I call it 3@3. 

If we do NOT have a flow of encouragement our hearts are in danger.  The Christ following journey is very powerful, and is what God has designed for us to be really alive.  But most things that are powerful are also dangerous.  And Hebrews is the “warning label” for Christ followers.

You can view the message by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “It Is A Joy to Catch A Glimpse of What God Is Doing!

  1. John Teeling says:

    I will check out your message. It’s great to hear about the great things happening at Barefoot.

    I am thankful for God for my three friends, Jim, Dave and Curtis, who are in the Christ following journey with me and I with them. They can knock on my door at 3am or anytime and me with them.

    Thanks for the post, Roy.



  2. Dr. King,

    What a joy to hear and see what God is doing though your ministry and fellow Alumni from CIU. I have been listening to Dr. David Jeremiah teach on encouragement and your message seems to affirm a message God has for me. As I work through studies at CIU I sure do need the encouragement (and my pastor has been strong in this area), but I am reminded that I also need to be an encourager as well. I thank God for your ministry in my life, and the life of others.


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