Medical Journey UPDATE Dec 4, 2011 by: Roy King


Four Sundays ago — I was on a ventilator in ICU (since Friday).  No memories of these days.  Would be there until that started waking me up on Thursday.  This week I read the doctor's notes from those days and also my family shared some memories of waiting beside my bed for that week.  I am so thankful for family and professionals who cared for me when I could not care for myself.  I guess that is really what my God Who Loves does for me every day.

Three Sundays ago — I was awake in ICU – after a challenging Friday night and Saturday of extreme nausea and vomiting.  Ice chips never tasted so good!  The nausea was gone and the vomiting was being held at bay by a NG tube keeping my stomach suctioned out… (may be TMI for some of you….sorry)

Two Sundays ago — I was in Health South Rehab doing over three hours of therapy that day and afterwards was able to worship with my I-Pod in a wheel chair sitting in the sun on the outdoor patio.  Jesus was there with me just as he had been every moment and in every place — even those days I do not remember.  He held my hand and the hands of my wife, children, family and friends.  Even now I find out small groups, whole churches and alumni around the world were praying for me.  THANK  YOU SO VERY MUCH!

One Sunday ago — I was home and able to go to the service at my home church, Sandhills.  ( It was encouraging to be greeted by so many and to know they showed a real family caring heart.

This past week has been filled with therapy and doctor follow-ups.  I am making progress every day.  I have moved from walking with a cane to using walking sticks (like hikers use!)  They hold me more upright and provide good stability and they look much cooler.  I am not driving yet — but family and neighbors have met all of my transport needs.  

Continue to pray for STRENGTH, ENDURANCE AND BALANCE!  Also pray for wisdom on some tests being considered by the doctors related to blood clots and blood flow.  Blessings


10 thoughts on “Medical Journey UPDATE Dec 4, 2011 by: Roy King

  1. Amy Medeiros says:

    It was truly a joy to see you back with the Sandhills family yesterday! 🙂 Prayers continuing for you and your family throughout the recovery process!


  2. Diana Knutsen says:

    Roy, I just read your update. So grateful God spared you and am now praying for endurance for each phase ahead. I so appreciate your ministry on behalf of of the Lord and CIU.


  3. Alan Lovell says:


    So good to read of your progress. I’m glad you’re home now and have been able to go to church. Will continue to pray for your recovery.


  4. Peggy Lee Manoogian says:

    Roy, we miss you very much and pray for you every day. Glad you are home now – and able to enjoy seeing Lilla more often. Hugs to you all from me.


  5. Cara Evans says:

    Dr. King,
    Continuing to praise God for your increasing recovery! We are so grateful for your faithful leadership at the Alumni Center. May Christ continue to shower you with His love and provision in this time.


  6. Cheryl Guinther says:

    I want to echo Peggy’s words and say we miss you very much! So glad you are on the mend and at home now. Peter and I are thankful to God for your life and all that you mean to us! May your strength continue to improve and Christmas bring great joy to your heart!
    Our love and prayers are with you.
    Cheryl, for Peter too.


  7. Sophia Bilz says:

    Dr. King,
    I miss having you around, I miss your optimism and humor! We’re thinking of you a lot, and praying for your recovery. Thank you also for updating us on the specifics of your therapy – it is good to hear from you how you are doing in your own words!
    Love and all the best!


  8. Morgan Jones says:

    Roy — we are excited to see your progress! We pray daily for you and Pandora. Janie baked some cookies for you that we sent over today!


  9. Cassandra Frear says:

    I am following your exciting story with great interest, for it seems that God draws nigh at times like these and heaven dips down to touch the earth. Our Lord does not take lightly our trials, but fills them with his manifest presence. They are sacred ground where he does a work which does not happen in “ordinary” times.

    Know that I am watching and praying with you. As I do, I sometimes think I can see in my mind’s eye our Lord bending over you, being so near, and caring for you. Surely, He is!


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