Health Update Dec 14 – Roy King – Take Courage From God’s Word!

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I have received a large stack of cards and notes from friends and family.  Thank you for each one.  

Over the past few days I have struggled some with discouragement as I sense how slowly recovery seems to be progressing.  All of my doctors, therapists and even my dear wife remind me of how much progress I have made since coming out of the hospital just over two weeks ago; and I can see that at times.  But I tend to compare myself to what I was in the past before the twenty two days in ICU, the Hospital and Health South Rehab and it feels like such a large gulf. The more I attempt "normal" things like picking up a basket of clothes, or pushing a cart through the grocery store for twenty minutes — the more I sense the losses that only the daily grace of God plus my responsibility to show up and work hard can begin to restore new life.

 I have been told that the Physical Therapy I had in the hospital and Health South Rehab simply got me walking and moving again and did not really count toward restoring strength and endurance.  I have been told to plan on six weeks of two to three hours a day of exercises before I begin to see the fruit of restored strength.  I can date the start of the six weeks from November 30 after completing two days of assessment by my therapists and actually beginning the restoration process.  I have also picked up a head cold that seems to be turning into a sinus infection which has slowed me down as well.  

So to be two weeks into a six week journey I feel like there is still such a long way to go.

So today I went back through every card and note I have received, and with the help of my Bible Software, lifted out every Scripture mentioned or printed in them.  I hope it encourages you as it has me.  (see attached)


 Roy – Wed December 14, 2011


3 thoughts on “Health Update Dec 14 – Roy King – Take Courage From God’s Word!

  1. Dawn Williams says:


    You knew me as Dawn Wood. I just wanted to let you know you have one more person praying. I know this – God hears our prayes even when He appears to be silent. You and I both know this but in our circumstances we really KNOW this. Thank you for keeping us updated. Hope and strength be yours in Christ Jesus!



  2. Sam Lin says:

    Hi Dr. King, thanks for keeping us updated. Thank you for sharing with us even in your own struggles. We will continue to pray for your recovery.


  3. Roy what a journey. I am praying for you tonight that you will be encouraged and find the strength and determination to show up and do the hard work of therapy. Keep up the great work buddy. Love you. Lloyd


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