Recommended Read: MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES by Reggie McNeal

My granddaughter and I would like to suggest you make Reggie’s new book MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES a read for this coming year.

BIG IDEA: From page 13 “A post-congreational culture requires a strategy of engaging people right where they already live, work, play, go to school, and pursue their hobbies and passions. It’s incarnational. It lets them live more intentionally, learning to love God and their neighbors more, making a contribution to their community, all with people they know and are known by. This is the recipe for a new church life form — missional communities.”

ONE FAVORITE QUOTE: What is the missional concept of church? From page 17 “the people of God partnering with him in his redemptive mission in the world.” He then goes on to unpack each phrase.

The majority of the book looks at various missional communities around the world in a case study style. 1) European missional communities, 2) Soma communities (primarily in NW USA but spreading, 3) UT Austin campus, 4) Future Travelers Cohort (two communities were the focus: Austin Stone Church, Austin Tx, and Community Christian Church Naperville, IL), 5) Mission Huston.

Leadership Network

OneHundredX (a global ministry with initiatives around the world

For Britain and missional communities check out FRESH EXPRESSIONS by Church of England and Methodists in cooperation

For churches networking to work at being missional communities see THE EXPONENTIAL NETWORK and NEW THING NETWORK



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