Medical Update as of Jan 23, 2012

Monday Jan 23 marked exactly 2 months since I came home from the hospital.  

Here a couple of photos from my time there.  

One is me on the ventilator and the other is first evening out of ICU and in a chair with my son Mark helping me with my breathing therapy.

On Jan 23 – my allergist said all tests have been negative and there is no need to follow-up.  I am to stay away from Benicar and all ACE inhibitors and ARB medications.

I have set some goals you can join me in prayer for:
Going to the beach in mid-Feb for a weekend.  (First time out of town)
Going on a backpacking trip with Mark and some guys in April.
Increasing to a full-time employee w/ CIU in February
Doing my therapy exercises 6x a week (75 minutes each) and 3x week cardio (at least 30 minutes)

3 thoughts on “Medical Update as of Jan 23, 2012

  1. Roy!

    That’s kinda scary! I am so glad you are well on your way to recovery! Isn’t it great that ‘our times are in God’s hands’! I have been keeping you in my prayers,

    Psalms 37:3-7

    I promise not to paint your portrait from these photos. Lol


  2. Roy, Betty and I rejoice in God’s mercies to you. So wonderful to follow your recovery. Frank Sells use to express, “Today is God’s preparation for tomorrow’s ministry.” Keep your eyes and ears open to use your afflictiion to comfort those in any trouble. II Cor. 1:3,4.
    Love in Jesus, Ken


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