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I Wrestle With My Strengths More Than My Weaknesses


Roy King May 2013

I create a syllabus for a course in the seminary six months before the class begins because of the schedule for VA benefits and other regulations and guidelines.  No problem with that except I have this “creative & tweaking gift”.  I continue to hold up my teaching to what I since God is teaching me and I am always seeking to improve and clarify my understanding I carry into the classroom.

If you think of the syllabus as the 1.0 version months later I may already be working on the 2.5 version.  I consider it strength to be always learning and entering the classroom with fresh baked insight right out of the oven.  BUT for students trying to complete the assignments it can be confusing.  They may be using 1.0 language and I may be grading with 2.5 in my head.  SO – it can create a challenge.

Where I am at is to joyfully embrace the wrestling to reduce the unnecessary confusion in my poor students learning process and when they alert me to an issue be willing to go back and review my grading of a few papers to get it fair.

But — at this point I would rather wrestle with the messy aspects of this strength than to cut it out.

How about you?


Have what you know is a weakness?  Well — those are often used to keep you close to bending your knees and seeking God’s provision and protection.


Have what you would consider strength?  Well — recognize it can become destructive if it gets out of proper balance and wrestle with the down side it may bring up.


What do you think?


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