The Kingdom of Heaven is like… Part One

Jesus often spoke of his kingdom.  Over the coming week I will be posting one of his reflections from Matthew 13 each week and applying them to leaders being effective and vibrant.

Jesus saw himself as the King.  His rule was present when he lived in the flesh on earth.  His rule was extended through those who invited the king to rule over them.  He taught his followers to pray — “May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

The church is not the kingdom but it is the gathering of the Kings’s followers living in anticipation of His return.  (see I Thess 1:8-10)

For our leadership to align with God’s leadership we must have Kingdom vision.  We embrace, model and invite others to live with supreme allegiance to King Jesus and to practice the values of his kingdom.

In the weeks ahead we will look at five visuals Jesus used to remind his leaders of important truths about the kingdom.



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