It is One Year Since We Honored Robertson in Chapel at Columbia Intl University

Robertson McQuilkin accepts Lifetime of Service Award

October 15, 2015 — Several of us wrote chapters in a book to honor Robertson’s life and ministry.  You may order it here.

book cover transformed glory to glory

Here was what I shared in that chapel.


I first came as a student to the Seminary in 1977. Robertson was President and one of my teachers on the Holy Spirit, Ethics and Principles of Ministry.

My second tenure at CIU started 20 years later when I joined the faculty of the seminary.  My courses are in the same subjects I was taught by Robertson.

In TRANSFORMED FROM GLORY TO GLORY my chapter is written as a letter to my son, Mark. Robertson modeled consistently spotting affirming, and encouraging many men and women of my generation to step out and step up.

So, in this chapter I urge the next generation to stake down the corners of their ministry with Biblical perspectives I inherited from Robertson.

These Principles are:

  1. The Vision of a Spirit-blown wild church
  2. Prayer as an intimate conversation
  3. Heart transformation as the center of God’s work.
  4. Guarding your motives by living every day to honor the master
  5. Living with Humble Expectation; confident God is raising up leadership contribution from others.

ROBERTSON is my sponsor.

  1. He opened the door for me in 1978 to start a new department for CIU that over the next five years became the Financial Aid and Development departments; while also completing my education.
  2. He asked me in 1980 to help with the Ben Lippen Summer Conferences in Asheville which led to being appointed to move to Asheville in 1983  with the Billy Graham Training Center.
  3. When the transition of moving BL to Columbia and returning the Cove property to BGEA occurred, he prompted George Murray to interview me for a position at Bible Christian Union. I did not go to BCU but that conversation with George moved me to pursue becoming a Great Commission oriented church leader.
  4. It was Robertson who prompted the IMB in 2007 to allow me to write material being used to mentor their missionaries based on Robertson’s work called the Five Smooth Stones…
  5. Robertson is my door opener… the man who believed in me when I did not see potential in myself.  A faithful prayer partner and friend.

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