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Do We Operate Out of Who God Declares Us to Be in Christ?

The life as a Jesus follower is a journey from being declared with right standing before God to experiencing the reality of our new identity in Christ.  Anxiety about the past failures, or the future unknowns, fear of the present challenges, a sense of weakness and uncertainty are all rooted in a lack of living in our identity in Christ.

Suggestion:  CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD A PDF.  This is a list of statements and Bible passages on Who We Are In Christ by John Stumbo.  Take the first statement.  Read the passage 3 times very slowly.  Then, in your journal record your answer to this question.  “If this truth was guiding my life today how would I see differently?”

Let me know your thoughts.  Let’s live out of what we believe in 2018!


One thought on “Do We Operate Out of Who God Declares Us to Be in Christ?

  1. Joey Mask says:


    Hope your having a good summer… it’s been too long since we talked. .. I’m not sure what your schedule is like. If you have some time in the coming weeks. I’d really like to catch up with you… hear what’s happening with you.

    I get home every night around 5:15… so anytime in the evening after 5:15.

    Thank you. Joey


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