Several times in the past two years I have been deeply convicted that my prayers are too small for the God I worship.  I do not mean God doesn’t care or we should not pray for individuals or small concerns.  BUT — is that all I am praying? Do I primarily pray out of the small circle of concerns touching my life?

As Pandora and I have traveled to the Middle East and North Africa Region God is enlarging our hearts. I was one of those Christians who heard of the annual day of prayer for the persecuted church and I might offer a two minute prayer.  But now I see faces, I know names, I have heard their testimonies and God is showing me how precious these suffering brothers and sisters are to him.

I found these prayers in some reading materials and have adapted them for me to use on a regular basis to “prime” my thinking and stir me to pray.  Would you join me?  CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD.

Roy and Pandora Close UpLet me know what you think.


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