Articles, Audio and Video Messages

Roy Teaching on Proverbs 14:4 with young leaders

TIME THE CRITICAL LEADERSHIP RESOURCE!  As I did coaching with leaders and consulted with organizational leaders I was surprised how quickly they could get clarity on WHAT needed to change.  The problem was the margins or capacity to invest in leading into change.  That is why my first book became about Time Management.  As I was writing the book I kept thinking what was needed was for the whole leadership core of a congregation or organization to see time as God sees it.  To assist leadership teams I shot five short videos (one per chapter of the book).  They are often used by the individuals watching the video and then reading the chapter and then meeting as a team and use the questions in the back of the book to help them come into alignment.  Click here to find information on purchasing the book and to view the videos.

AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE FOR ALIGNING MINISTRY LEADERSHIP WITH BIBLICAL TRUTH – click here to purchase Robertson McQuilkin’s Five Smooth Stones: Essential Biblical Principles for Ministry and a FREE! Inventory and Exercises for Teaching it to your leadership team or the entire congregation or organization.

16 Articles – Biblical Leadership – Seeing As God Sees!

Nine Lessons – Understanding God’s Work In the Heart!

 Lessons on Why God Gives Leaders to Groups of People – WHAT DO LEADERS CONTRIBUTE?

How Does God Give Assignments to Leaders?  How Do Leaders Lead Into Change and Conflict?  CALLING, CHANGE AND CONFLICT 3 ESSENTIALS OF LEADERSHIP!


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