Pandora and I are seeing God open doors here in the States and overseas for us to serve in a consulting role to support others.

Pandora retired in 2017 after 35 years in special education.  She is available for coaching, consulting and training with parents, caregivers or educators on autistic spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities.

Since 1997 I have supported congregational and organizational leadership teams through providing an outside perspective.

I encourage and assist leadership teams in:

  • Starting new works
  • Evaluating current strategies
  • Forming prayer supported strategies for change
  • Processing conflict and losses for healing and growth
  • Developing Staff and Board teams (spiritually, emotionally and serving impact)
  • Expanding local, regional and global outreach and making multiplying disciples of Christ
  • Being an effective and vibrant community of Christ followers

Step One: Contact us and let’s talk.   We will schedule a conversation via video chat.

Send us a list of 3 to 7 issues, problems, opportunities, or questions where you think an outside perspective may assist you.

There is no charge for this initial session.

Step Two: At the end of that initial visit we can either propose a plan for us to continue to work together (will be sent in writing and include an overview of services, costs and timeline) OR refer you to someone who has expertise in the areas where you are facing leadership challenges.

Step Three: After reviewing and editing the plan we will form a covenant to implement the consultation.

Plans may include: Research, Interviews, Training, Retreats, On site visits, video chat, homework reading and processing, etc.,.  We custom design for each situation.

Costs vary according to the plan but an average would be: $150 per one hour visit; $500 a day plus expenses for part or all of a day on site.  Built in to these charges are short phone visits and email support to prepare and process the visits.  We have a prayer and financial team who help provide scholarship funds for those needing consulting assistance but who cannot afford the service.  Let us know if there is a financial challenge.

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