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Biblical Retirement

A New Chapter



I have heard some say that “retirement” is not in the Bible.  I want to propose RETIREMENT may  be a helpful designation if it is in alignment with a biblical perspective.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • It is describing that all or some of my income is coming from funds set aside for support once we are no longer a full time wage earner.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • We are able to take on responsibility, serve and contribute without limiting it to payment for services.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • It frees me to embrace limits that include shorter working days and less stamina
  • It allows me to “prune” my engagements and accept responsibility aligning with my best contribution
  • One morning during my swimming therapy the Spirit whispered, “It is OK to slow your pace and increase your prayerfulness.”
  • My fruitful contribution to others depends on having margins for quality thinking time to advise, mentor and help solve challenges others are facing.  Some of my best brain work takes place with my journal on the back porch with a cup of herb tea enjoying the flowers, the breeze and the variety of bird songs.  I KNOW the quality of what I have to offer is much better than many of the meetings I sat in for years around a conference room table — rushed to get through an agenda.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • I can monitor my energy and get consistent rest including a nap
  • I can work to slow the aging decay of the body with a focus on exercises to maintain, or even improve,   (in alphabetical order) Balance, Cardio, Core Strength, and Flexibility

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • I can be  content even if I deplete in energy quicker, and should stay off of high ladders or the roof.
  • I can be satisfied with eating a nice meal — taking smaller portions and not eating large meals close to bedtime.
  • I can work at praying for many people in my network of relationships and the church around the world — and have the time to send several of them a note of encouragement via phone call, text or email.
  • I am fine with buying less stuff and accumulating less weight of possessions.
  • I am very alert that time is the greatest treasure God gives me.  I can only spend it once.
  • A nap after lunch with my young grandchild fills me with joy as we read a book and then snuggle up and “recharge our battery” joined in the bed with a stuffed animal or three and a car and fire truck.

RETIREMENT may be a good descriptor if:

  • I strongly believe God wants me to be vibrant and effective for His glory until my last breath.


2 thoughts on “Biblical Retirement

  1. Joey says:

    Dr. King, really liked, “It is OK to slow your pace and increase your prayerfulness.”.. as well as this blog. Thank you… I will share it with others…



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