Where is Roy Speaking?

2010 Speaking & Teaching Ministry – Roy King

(updated March, 2010)
I need your prayer support for me to BE what I should be in my heart with God and for God’s Spirit to work in and through me and the listeners.

March 28 – Blythewood, SC
Leadership Workshop for Trinity UMC

April 14 – Columbia, SC
CIU Prayer Day – co-lead with Rev. Ron Barker of the SC Baptist Convention for the CIU family

April 22 – Columbia, SC
Host Arlene Richardson as chapel speaker on Women in Missions

May 10-13 – Columbia, SC
Assist with the CMA District Conference hosted by Sandhills Community Church

May 15 – Columbia, SC
CIU Commencement

May 19-22 – Colorado Springs, CO
MTI Board Meeting

June 11 – Columbia, SC
Chapel Speaker – Kirkland Correctional (CIU student/prisoners)

June 12 – Columbia, SC
African American CIU Alumni Gathering

July 19-30 – Hamilton, New Zealand
Teach course on Healthy Leadership at East West College of Intercultural Studies

July 30-Aug 1 – Cambridge, New Zealand
Lead a workshop for church leaders hosted by Raleigh Street Christian Centre and several churches and ministries

Aug 4-6 – Columbia, SC
Teach MIN 5411 & 9411 on Life Long Leadership Development as part of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit

September 16-18 – Columbia, SC
CIU Homecoming

October 22-24 – Columbia, SC
Facilitate the internet broadcast of Lusanne Cape Town 2010 consultation on world evangelization with course credit option

Nov 5-8 – Perryville, RI
Bible Conference and Leadership Workshop

December 17 – Columbia, SC
CIU Commencement


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