This Article on the Holy Spirit received the most feedback of any published

Are You Asking God for His Sermons for Your Heart?

When a ladder almost fell it left me trapped on my roof with no one at home to help me down. But God had a sermon for me to hear.

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I am a regular contributor to a REACH OUT COLUMBIA. You can search their site for the published version of this article and several others published over the past few months.


One thought on “This Article on the Holy Spirit received the most feedback of any published

  1. Matt Canada says:

    Dr King,
    You are exactly right. I am a CH deployed to Iraq and I have been struggling with being here separated from my family. I have learned to view “good” through God’s filter not my filter and in doing so am driven to daily cry up to Him for his grace and love. I used to view being separated, or going through hard times as bad because that is how our culture views them. Even in Christian circles people would say that it is bad to be gone from your family for a year. Nonsense if God calls you to do so. This year crushes me at times but it is good because God has called me. I feel as if the ladder has been pulled out from under me at times and I cry out to Him. He is our Abba Father and His love does endures forever. We can do all things through Him who strengthens us. Thank you for Your article.

    Faith In The Fight,
    Matt Canada
    82 ABN
    2008 MDiv Alumni


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